A Few Other Types of Kueh


Several other types of kueh are mentioned in the novel.


Immediately to the left is a plate of seri muka, described by Chye Hoon as "temples of green coconut custard sitting rather elegantly on top of sturdy bases of creamy white glutinous rice". The striking green is due to an extraction of juice from the pandanus leaf



To the right is the nine-layered kueh made from rice flour and thick coconut milk. Its pink-and-white look is achieved by using pink colouring on half the concoction. Traditionally each of the nine layers is steamed individually and then laid on top of one another. The modern version shown here has more than nine layers!



To the left are ondeh-ondeh (or onde onde). These balls are made from a flour mixture (glutinous and tapioca rice) and are filled with chopped palm sugar, boiled and then rolled in freshly grated coconut. Simply delicious! Actually, they're a little more complicated than in my description: there is a pandanus element in their skins. That's why they're green.
There are many other kinds of wonderful kueh (or kuih in modern Malay spelling) – a feast for both the eyes and taste-buds!  

And now for the million-dollar question many of you have asked:

Where can I find Nyonya kueh?