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I am Selina Siak Chin Yoke and this is my official website. I was so overwhelmed by reader reception to my debut novel and the questions you asked that I had this website created early, so that you can find out more about the themes in my books! This site will be a source of information and news about me and my books.

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About Me


My path to writing has been unconventional! I was, in turn a theoretical physicist, investment banker and quant trader before becoming a writer. Had it not been for cancer, I might have delayed my first novel for another few years.

Latest Book


The Woman who Breathed Two Worlds (The Malayan Series, #1) is an epic family saga set in British Malaya. It follows an audacious mixed-race woman (inspired by my great-grandmother) as she grapples with identity, Westernisation and the conflicts between modernity and tradition. Readers have compared it to the work of Pearl S. Buck and Amy Tan.

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